Hey, we get it, schtuff happens.

Acts of God, and other unfortunate mishaps:

About Class Cancellations: 

We understand that every once in a while "schtuff happens" that may make you need to cancel attending your fantastic class.  We're sorry that these types of things insist on interfering with your beading world and please know that we understand and will certainly miss you in class.

So here's what happens if (gasp!) - you (or we) need to cancel a class:  

In order to compensate for our teacher's professional time and travel fees, class fees cannot be refunded. We will however, happily reschedule you into an alternate class date or time as long as you give us a full 48 hours advanced notice. 

Now in the rare event that we would need to cancel a fantastic class on you, say, for low attendance (rare), bad weather (like, we fear for your safety), or some other Act of God (like when Andrea went brain dead and forgot to order the materials beforehand...eh, it happened.  ONCE people - ONCE!), then naturally a refund will be granted to you if you can't make the rescheduled date. 

We will also be happy to switch you into another class entirely if your beading addiction won't let you wait for the new date. Mostly, we will try our very best to accommodate you.  


& the other nerdy bits...


Can I bring my own beads to class?

In short, the answer is um...no. 

I'm in the business to sell beads silly. Class materials, ie: beads and findings are to be purchased from Buttercup Beads, at time of class. Tools and staples like needles and Fireline may be brought to class. But hold on- if you have been buying your beads regularly from Buttercup, then of course you may bring them to use in class.

The only exception is if a Kit is indicated - then Kits must be purchased for that particular class when stipulated.

I don't see a class I what scheduled - can I arrange a private class?

Drat!  Do your and our schedules pass like ships in the night?  We'll try to fix that - Just call to see if we can arrange a private class as no extra charge.  Contact us if you want a class that hasn't been on the schedule in a while - we'll do our best to make it happen.

I schedule private classes all the time.  Just please understand that I will need to assist others customers from time to time during our class time.

When do I pay for my class?

To hold your seat, class fees are due at time of registration and seating is limited.   Some of our teachers needs to have a minimum to hold their class.  It's also necessary if I need to order materials or make kits for class.  Register early to save your place.  Register online, or call the store. 484-524-8231

Can I sit in on a class again if I took it before?

Usually, the answer is yes - but there may be times when you can't. Either way - call the store beforehand to discuss. 

Should I bring my own tools to class?

We strongly encourage you to bring your own tools.  

We do have a limited number of tools to share - but we like to evaluate and see what you are using - and offer tips and/or suggestions where needed. Naturally we have tools for sale too - and we will always help you choose the perfect fit.  We carefully choose which tools we sell, and only carry tools that we would personally use on a daily basis. 

For seed beading classes, Fireline and needles are considered a staple - bring your own, or buy some more.